Francis Dunnery / 5th vision

CD produced by Francis Dunnery

Musik by Mosin/Falkenlind


Francis Dunnery (It Bites, Robert Plant, Santana, Lauren Hill, Ian Brown, m.fl)

Drums: Tony Beard (Foreigner, Bette Midler, Jeff Beck, Mike Oldfield)
Sax: Jens Haack (Moon Jam)
Keyb: David Sancious (Peter Gabriel, Bruce Springsteen, Santana, Sting)
Guitars: Carsten Falkenlind / Francis Dunnery
Vocal: Lars Mossin

Aquarian Nation Records.

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The sound studio 5th vision was founded in 1998 by multi musician and producer Carsten Falkenlind.

Relevante søgeord:
lydstudie, musikstudie i københavn, pladestudie, lyddesign, filmmusik, lyd til film, vokalindspilning, musikproduktion, mix, mastering, producer, undervisning i lyd, undervisning i guitar.