Drop by the studio with your recorded tracks

… And get the music mixed at 5th Vision, so everything appears clear and transparent.
Even half bad recordings can be restored to sound as good as new.
We do not release the project until everyone is satisfied.

As a musician / producer, I have worked with production, mix and sound for over 30 years, in a myriad of sound studios across the country, incl. DR (SSL and NEVE consoles). Today, the platform is somewhat more compact, but with an expertise only many years in the field can provide

mix musikken hos 5th vision

MIX online

You can also get the music mixed at 5th vision - online.
The number of tracks, their quality, the length of the track, and not least the artist or band's ambition, are all factors in terms of price. 
In order to make a qualified bid for a mix, send a version of the music on mp3, and also feel free to elaborate on where we are going. Send here (mail) or Contact

You are of course also always welcome to give the studio a call, for more info or possibly. technical guidance in connection with proper export of files. 

Maybe there is also a need for extra measures for the music, new drums, bass, guitars, keys, choirs and vocals, etc. 5th Demo Vault and hear what it e.g. can lead to, and of course Music production.

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The sound studio 5th vision was founded in 1998 by multi musician and producer Carsten Falkenlind.

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