Scholar in sound and music production

Learn the basics of production principles:

  • Frequencies, and their movement in a given space
  • The equipment, for dynamic manipulation of them.
Undervisning i studieteknik

We look, among other things. on:

Compressors: Where and how do we use (and abuse) them.
Reverbs(efx) and their job.
The use of the stereo perspective.
..and tons of tips and tricks.

It is used, as a starting point, Logic Pro x, but these are the same rules that apply in different DAW platforms.

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kr 600

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kr 1500
logo 5th vision

The sound studio 5th vision was founded in 1998 by multi musician and producer Carsten Falkenlind.

Relevante søgeord:
lydstudie, musikstudie i københavn, pladestudie, lyddesign, filmmusik, lyd til film, vokalindspilning, musikproduktion, mix, mastering, producer, undervisning i lyd, undervisning i guitar.