Photo / Cover design and video production

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5th Vision is a studio with affiliated media design department

where we do photo / cover design.

Now you're at it, we also carry out photo / cover design. Pictures say more than 1000 words, but it is important that the medium used to market the project sends the right signals. Cover, Spotify, Youtube, press releases etc.

For many years, as part of the umbrella, 5th Vision has made photo and cover work for artists. Be it at selected locations or in our 80 sqm photo studio.

(Post Production: Adobe CC, ArtStudio Pro (Ipad Pro) and Final Cut Pro X (Video).

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The sound studio 5th vision was founded in 1998 by multi musician and producer Carsten Falkenlind.

Relevante søgeord:
lydstudie, musikstudie i københavn, pladestudie, lyddesign, filmmusik, lyd til film, vokalindspilning, musikproduktion, mix, mastering, producer, undervisning i lyd, undervisning i guitar.