RealDrum tracks is one of the 5th vision´s specialties.

REALdrum tracks, is one of 5th Vision's specialties. Do not compromise - get the cool grooves tailored, the right moves. Rock, metal, pop, jazz, reggae, new age .... lively and personal. We also make the drums online ....

The machines can do an amazing job today, and more and more DAW’s (Digital Audio Workstation) like Logic ProPro Tools, Cubase, was born with apps that can make it to drummers. ALMOST…

It actually sounds pretty good, the first 50 meters, but it is not, and can not, be the same as when something is handmade… adapted… played, and then by someone who knows how to do it and how it should sound.

I have been playing drums since I was 13, and been teaching in therm. I was there when the first drum machines came. I have now translated it all into REALdrum (BFD2, BFD3). I even had to play / program for seasoned drummers… because what I made worked better!

5th Vision does NOT record drums the traditional way

Online Drums

If you have numbers that lack the ultimate DRUM lift, it can also be done online.
Just send a mix without drums (mp3) where the event starts from the beginning (bar 0).
Attach tempo (bpm) e.g. 112, and if there are tempo variations, feel free to send a screenshot of your tempo window.

Before I get started, of course, we talk about where we're going, and when I have a bid, I'll send a mix of it.
If there are corrections to be made, they will of course be made.

Now all numbers are not the same, and I have to hear where we are before I can make a bid.
Some numbers may take only one hour, while others that are more complicated may take ml. 3-6 hours +.

The prices are between DKK 700 and DKK 3,000

Much of what you hear, with drums, on the site is recorded with BFD2 / BFD3.

Here are some excerpts from both demos and releases.

5th -The Love In Me (Brit rock)
Corfitz - What I Am (Brit rock)
Jackal -Disciples (Heavy rock)
Jorgin Dahl - Memories (Brit rock)
MB -Captivity (Funk)
Agerschou -Hverdag
SOLO TRACK - Bækkener og trommer
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The sound studio 5th vision was founded in 1998 by multi musician and producer Carsten Falkenlind.

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