Music production

Dreamweaver Studio

 is a sound studio / music workshop / music studio in Copenhagen

which is primarily aimed at composers, singers and soloists who want their music produced professionally in uncompromising quality. You can also have the vocals sung on your own mix, and put in the right folds

Musikstudie lydstudie i København

With a broad experience in music production as a creative producer / professional musician (guitarist, singer, bassist, drums, keyboard, programmer, technician, composer, arranger and lyricist) through decades, I can e.g. go actively into the productions we work with, to turn the stones that may be necessary to achieve a satisfactory result.

As a lead and choir singer, I can also handle a wide range of vocal tasks if the need arises. At the same time, the studio can draw on a wide range of professional musicians should the need arise.

Production mix and sound in a quality based on many years of experience
… And the right equipment.

The studio also has a large audio library, so only imagination and ambition set the limit.

Musikstudie i københavn

The process:

No projects are alike. They can actually vary a lot, but one thing they have in common: The artist / artists always have a starting point,  for example. some chords, lyrics and melody, beat, or a finished composed arrangement, possibly. from the studio/home studio, which lacks the ultimate boost, etc .. We review together how it should sound, and I / we then start immediately.

The music is recorded, shaped and produced, ready for release (streaming, Vinyl, CD), demo, a solid starting point for streaming services, record companies, venues, a personal demo for other musicians, etc.


Call and let's talk about the project, or write some elaborate lines, questions, prices, etc.

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The sound studio 5th vision was founded in 1998 by multi musician and producer Carsten Falkenlind.