Sound / Music studio 5th vision


Professional realisation of compositions
Co-writing / sparring
Vokal recording
Music & Vocal coach 
Releases / demos 
Mix and Mastering
Voice-over / speak  

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Music production
Realisation of compositions.
5th vision is primarily aimed at serious composers, singers and soloists who wish their music produced professionally and in uncompromising quality. Or record your vokal on your own mix, with a professional touch.

Get your recorded tracks mixed so the music is clear and transparent. Even inadequate recordings can be restored and the sound will appear fresh and new. We will not let the project go before everyone is satisfied, and we also do ONLINE MIX

Mastering is a delicate and cumbersome process, which requires years of experience and knowledge of technology and frequencies. 5th offer mastering of jazz, classic to pop and metal, whether it's for radio, tv, CD, Itunes, Live etc. Also ONLINE
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The Drums
REALdrum tracks, is one of 5th vision's specialities.
Do not compromise: Customize the cool grooves, the real moves. Rock, metal, pop, jazz, reggae, new age....alive and personalized!!
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The graphic
Get control of graphic, photo retouching, logo creation, web site setup, print on CD, press release, kreative imaging. mm.
Video / redigering.

Education in music production and mix. We look at the concepts and principles that enclose a whole production. Guitar education, Learn the instrument...the right way.

Musikstudiet 5th vision København – musik indspilning og produktion v/producer Carsten Falkenlind,  musikstudie København.
Professionel realisering af kompositioner. Mix og mastering.